My Guide To Becoming Optimistic

Being optimistic is a hard task and reflects on how you view yourself. How can you be optimistic about life if you aren’t optimistic about yourself? When I was younger I used to be the most positive person around, but as I got older, it was harder to view things in the same way. I believe a big part of this has to do with social media growing as well. We now spend most of our days comparing ourselves to these “perfect people.” I noticed that the more I compared myself to other people the worse I felt about myself. I imagine other people are doing the same. I saw a change in my views as compared to when I was little and minded my own business. I suddenly had a negative outlook on everything and thought that the world was just a cruel place. I realized that this negative outlook on the world occurred soon after the negative views of myself. I decided that those thoughts needed to change. 

To improve your overall optimism you must start by changing how you view yourself. Begin by pointing out some positive things about yourself for a couple weeks or months. Do this until you truly see it yourself. If you can’t view yourself as a positive being it makes it hard to see other things in your life as positive things. This is probably the most difficult step as many people struggle to self reflect in a positive way. Don’t beat yourself up as we all struggle with this. Each and every one of you is a good person with many positive qualities; you just need to take the time to find them yourself.

Once you improve yourself it will almost be automatic to find the positive in everything and everyone around you. Anytime you confront a negative thought you must counteract it with a positive thought. I continue to work on this everyday to improve my overall outlook on life. Nobody’s life is perfect and everyone has those days where nothing seems to be going your way. Just remember to not be so hard on yourself and everyday is a new day.