Top 5 Celebrity Wardrobes to Copy

I always need inspiration for my outfits and I always seem to be getting that inspiration from these top 5 women. 

1. Lauren Giraldo

Giraldo always makes a statement with her outfits and incorporates bright colors, which I absolutely love! She styles colors in a way that is subtle yet making a bold statement. If you are in to color and trends, Lauren Giraldo’s wardrobe is one big fashion bible.

2. Kalani Hilliker

Most of Hilliker’s outfits are good inspiration for a night out on the town. She incorporates a lot of texture and pattern to her outfits.

3. Aimee Carrero

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“Cool aunt”

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Carrero’s outfits give off a classy and sophisticated vibe. Definitely a business casual look that would motivate anyone to get busy with their work.

4. Aspyn Ovard

Ovard’s closet is full of pastel colors, which I absolutely love! Lucky if you really want to copy her wardrobe she has her own clothing line that you can shop from. It is like you are shopping right from her closet.

5. Sabrina Carpenter

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blues clues

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Carpenter usually rocks the oversize/ tomboy look with the occasional grunge look. You can easily copy these look while staying within your budget by grabbing some men’s T-shirts at the thrift store.