My Top 3 Essential Oils

#1 Tea Tree Oil

Use: Treating pimples and razor burn

Any time I see a pimple pop up on my face I have to zap it with some tea tree oil otherwise it will take weeks for it to go away. Tea tree oil is great for acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight off infections. It is a very strong oil so I recommend putting some on a Q-tip and directly applying it to your pimples. If you want to apply it to your whole face I recommend diluting it with some moisturizer. It is a product that will dry your skin so there’s nothing better than diluting it in something that has the opposite effect. 

I have very sensitive skin so anytime I shave I get razor burn and it makes my legs sooo itchy. Nothing calms it down other than my tea tree oil. When applied to the skin it gives off a cooling sensation along with its strong scent. Its scent is very easy to get used to once you realize how well the oil works.

My favorite part about this oil is that it doesn’t really feel like an oil when applied to the skin. Some oils leave my skin feeling like it can’t breathe, but tea tree oil always leaves my skin feeling light.

#2 Lavender Oil

Use: To calm and relax

I find myself always getting stressed and anxious over life, but lavender oil really helps me calm down. I like to massage three drops of oil between my hands and inhale the scent of lavender from my hands. I usually just take one long deep breath and two short breaths. I then massage the excess on my temples and take another drop and apply to under my nose and on my neck. Lavender oil has a strong scent so make sure not to go overboard. It is safe to apply to your skin because it has moisturizing properties. 

#3 Peppermint Oil

Use: Relieve intestinal pain and headaches

This is a new favorite of mine because I have been suffering from stomach pain and peppermint oil gives that relief. For intestinal use it must be consumed in a capsule so that the oil is released in the intestines rather than the throat. There are many studies that show peppermint oil is more effective for relieving pain than regular prescription medication. I thankfully don’t suffer from many headaches, so I never personally tried peppermint oil to relieve that type of pain. I know from research that a lot of people found relief by applying it directly to the skin or even diffusing it in an essential oil diffuser.