Top 10 Summer Date Ideas

Finding a good date idea can be hard. I always run out of ideas and don’t want to have to repeat date activities. Here is a few of my ideas of a perfect summer date.

#1 Go on a Picnic 

Almost everyone loves picnics and they are cheap and easy to do. To make your picnic successful it’s all about location. You really can’t go wrong if you choose to settle down in a park, but if you are looking to spice it up maybe go to a location that is at a higher elevation or has the view of a city. 

#2 Go to the Zoo

For you lovely ladies who enjoys picture opportunities, the zoo is the perfect place to double as a date and a photo-shoot. Most zoos aren’t too expensive and you can always find some delicious ice cream there.

#3 Hiking/ Biking

The best way to exercise is with a partner and it won’t even feel like exercising. We spend too much of our time inside and behind a screen, so we need those moments of fresh air. P.S. It’s most likely going to be free!

#4 Bowling

Sometimes they offer specials late at night which can make your night super fun and affordable. 

#5 Bonfire and Stargazing

This would be perfect on a warm summer night at the end of a stressful day at work. It’s the perfect date for when you are tired and you just want to relax

#6 Cook/Bake

This is actually one of my favorite date ideas and it can be inexpensive if you are cautious. Blasting music and dancing in the kitchen is one of the cutest dates in my eyes.

#7 Go to an Arcade

This takes video games to the next level and it makes you feel like a kid again. Maybe hit up a Dave and Busters and go out to dinner afterwards.

#8 Build a Fort

You can do this with blankets and easily make it in your living room with the help of your couch. It doesn’t have to look like those ones on Pinterest, as long as you have fun making it, that’s all that matters.

#9 Kayaking

This could be accompanied with a picnic to have a complete outdoorsy day. Maybe do this on a calm river or lake to prevent any accidents; wouldn’t want to ruin your date. If you are the bold type go for the white water rapids.

#10 Movie Marathon

It never hurt to settle for the classic movie date. If you want to spice it up do a movie marathon of your favorite classics. Gather up some delicious snacks and snuggle under a blanket.

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