What’s In My Purse?

My goal is to always keep my purse as light as possible. I honestly hate having to carry a purse but it always comes in handy for sneaking food into movies and holding all my essentials.

I like to keep everything simple and pretty basic, so I always have the three main things in my purse: tissues, gum/mints, and lip balm. Tissues are so fantastic because they are perfect as an emergency blotting sheet. If you have top quality tissues in your bag then it works better if you split the two layers of your tissue apart and then dab at your gorgeous makeup. Lip balm is self explanatory… who wants chapped lips?

Always keep a snack in your purse. The perfect snack is a granola bar and they are the perfect size for your purse. I also like to keep a few hair bands and this cute earring holder that doubles as a mirror. I got mine from Charming Charlies, but you can always find one on the good old amazon. I always find myself taking my earrings out at the end of the day and end up losing them. Now I always know where to find them. For you contact wearers I highly recommend carrying a travel size contact solution because I don’t know about you, but my contacts always get dry or dirty from my makeup. I couldn’t imagine going about my day with a bad contact.

Remember, less is more. No need to be carrying your entire house around in your purse. I used to carry around everything I might possibly need, but I soon realized that it is just too much to carry around. I feel less stressed having to carry everything on my shoulder.