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How To Gain Muscle: Challenging The Mind

Going to the gym isn’t easy as we all may know. When we go to the gym we need a purpose to motivate ourselves. Building muscle is an important part of your workout routine because muscle burns fat and in the end most of us are trying to either lose weight or maintain it. If you aren’t it is still good to hit the gym for your mental health. Stress is released when your energy is expended on lifting those heavy weights. But wait how do you lift weights and see result? It’s a long and hard process, but what is most important is that in the end we feel stronger. You will eventually see your rock-hard abs, but that comes with lots and lots of time.

When lifting weights, the most important step is to eat correctly. That means no junk food and more protein. It’s obviously impossible to completely cut out all junk food so the occasional cupcakes and cinnamon rolls will be accepted. As the saying goes, you are what you eat. Eating greasy food is going to slow down your body and the process of you gaining muscle. Why make it harder on yourself? Its been 6 years since I have cut out most fast food restaurants and I have never felt better. I have more energy and that allows me to put in 110% effort into my workouts.

Now for the hardest step, the actual lifting… You cannot take shortcuts or you will not see results. For the first two years of my lifting experience I never pushed myself and always cut my workouts short because I thought “that’s good enough.” Nooo! Stop telling yourself that because in order to see a difference you need to push your body and your mind. The first step is to push your mind. Lifting is a mental game. You not only strengthen your body you strengthen your mind. When you think you have had enough I guarantee you have more in you (unless you are really sweating then honey please take a break, don’t overdo it). Obviously when you first go to the gym don’t overdo it; your body isn’t ready yet.

Starting off do 3 sets of each workout on medium weight. You want to be sweating a little bit. If you are not sweating, then up the weight. This is a workout which means you need to sweat. Here is my biggest secret tip… After about a week bump it up to 4 sets of 10 reps for most of your workouts. This is what I was doing wrong and where I noticed the biggest change in my body. I was always doing 3 sets until I was given some advice to do an extra set. It was the best advice I have ever received. I instantly had more muscle mass.

Now that I have more overall muscle mass I noticed that it is easier for me to lose weight and it happens a lot faster. It really comes in handy around the holidays when cookies are being served 24/7. I promise you if you change your mindset during your workouts you will see a difference. Good Luck!

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